Hi, I’m Portia Leonard.

I Help Ambitious and Aspiring Entrepreneurs Design A Profitable Business That They Truly Love, From the

Inside Out!

Entrepreneur Success and Mindset Coachin

Concept Clarity

I work with new and aspiring entrepreneurs, side business startups and small business owners who want to gain clarity and traction on their overall business goals and direction.  We will reduce confusion, obstacles and overwhelm, to get really clear on your specific objectives, services/offerings, mission, values and target client needs.

Mindset Mastery

I will help you develop the powerhouse mindset needed to breakthrough fear and self doubt, to gain the confidence and motivation you need to push past whatever is holding you back and achieve the success you dream of.

Success Strategy

We will work on your overall brand messaging and develop a simple yet effective marketing and sales strategy to continually attract your perfect clients, while hitting and exceeding your revenue goals.

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